Westlake is Creative Engineering’s newest partner. Westlake delivers life-enhancing products, applicable from food packaging industry that we use daily like bread bags, cheese wrapping and milk cartons, to more big-scale areas like delivering clean drinking water and irrigating fields.    Westlake’s products makes the world a greener place, every day.    Starting from late 2020, […]

4 Plate Mounting Solutions for Flexographic Printing

Creative Engineering is a long-term trustworthy distributor of tesa, the world’s top tape company. We offer a comprehensive assortment of plate mounting solutions with foam, film, or cloth backings to fulfill all flexo printing needs.        1. Self-adhesive Plate Mounting Sleeves: tesa Twinlock   tesa® Twinlock: the reusable, self-adhesive, and compressible sleeve that […]

Dowsil LED Lighting Solutions

For a while in the electronics market, Dowsil has been the pioneer in LED Lighting Solutions for next generation LED lamps and luminaries. This video showcases a closeup in Dowsil applications in LED lamps. Creative Engineering provides all solutions regarding LED lighting, as listed below Dowsil Adhesives & Sealants Cure at ambient or high temperatures […]

TESA’s Focused Products On Marine Applications

As the leading global manufacturer for adhesive solutions, tesa never ceases to come up with more advanced products for the transportation industry. In terms of marine industry, Creative Engineering focuses on tesa’s tapes with multiple purposes. Paint Masking – tesa 4338 tesa® 4338 is a green colored smooth masking tape for highly demanding paint masking […]

DOWSIL Innovative Silicone Conformal Coating – Reliability

Wonder why Creative Engineering chooses our Conformal coating from Dowsil? The answer lies in the versatility of silicone chemistry, which helps expand design freedom, increase processing options, broaden performance parameters and introduces unique options for sustainability. Compared to organic-based coatings, silicone solutions offer several valuable benefits: Thermal Stability  Dowsil Silicones perform consistently greatly at temperatures […]

tesa® Lift & Reseal – Resealable Bag Solution

One of tesa’s strong fields is Packaging. Besides mounting tape and tear tape, tesa recently paid high attention to the Food Industry. Their Lift & Reseal tape serves as a single-sided bag closure system, bringing benefits for both manufacturers and end users. tesa® Lift & Reseal Benefits    –  Allows bags to be resealed about […]

Technomelt Low Pressure Molding – Essential For PCB Protection

Because of the increasing demands for circuit board protection, Henkel releases the TECHNOMELT’s low pressure molding products. They serve as the encapsulation of sensitive electronic components, even in high-volume manufacturing environments.  They also deliver:    –  Exceptional electrical insulation    –  Excellent temperature, vibration and solvent resistance for a wide range of applications.    –  […]

Henkel LOCTITE Underfill: Industry-leading standard

Henkel’s innovative capillary flow underfills for CSP, BGA, WLCSP, LGA and other similar devices lower stress, improve reliability and offer outstanding processability. HENKEL UNDERFILL Henkel’s LOCTITE ECCOBOND and LOCTITE underfills offer the highest levels of reliability with the options of both reworkable and non-reworkable formulations.  To enhance the reliability of many handheld devices, Henkel’s LOCTITE […]

The Perfect duo Pneumatic Orbital Sanders and Abranet Abrasive from Mirka

Mirka’s pneumatic orbital sanders are ergonomically designed for guaranteed user comfort and constructed of lightweight, hi-tech, precision moulded composite materials that provide outstanding strength and durability. Our pneumatic orbital sander is developed especially for sanding with Mirka’s revolutionary Abranet abrasive. 1. Mirka OS 383CV (Central Vacuum) MIRKA® OS 383CV (Central Vacuum) is recommended for various […]

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