It’s not that easy produce a nice smooth wooden table if we don’t know the right methods. When cutting the wood, the texture is so rough we have to go through two steps: smooth surface treatment and polishing. To smooth, one must follow step by step in accordance with the grain size of the rough.

The larger the number (P1000, 1500, 2000, …), the smoother the better. Therefore, at the beginning, we use a large grain size (roughly equivalent to small numbers like P60, P80, P120, P240, …) for roughing, then scrubbing, until it reaches a certain level of smoothness, we will then proceed to polishing.

That is why the market has many types of sandpaper suitable for a variety of purposes and surfaces. In general, abrasive papers have four main types:


Abranet ACE sandpaper is used for sanding many surfaces such as wood, composite, paint, metal, etc.

Net Abrasive ABRANET – Mirka

Abranet abrasives are more efficient and durable than ordinary abrasive paper, which reduces costs. Abrasive Abranet is dust-absorbing when used with Mirka machines that have a dust bag or vacuum cleaner to provide a cleaner working environment as well as a better finishing surface.

Application field:

  • – Car polishing
  • – Process the wood
  • – Surface treatment of composite resin
  • – Vehicle manufacturing plant
  • – Rub the industrial roller

Typical products:

  • – Abrasive paper rub / gypsum surface
  • – Abrasive paper rub paint
  • – Wood sandpaper

2. WPF Next Gen Sandpaper

Paper in this type has the ability to dry and rub the water and long-term durability, which helps reduce cost savings considerably.

This sandpaper has a wide range of sanding level:#60, # 80, #100, #120, #150, #180, #240, #320, #400, #600, #800, #1000, #1200, #1500, #2000, #2500

WPF Sandpaper – Mirka

Typical products  

  •   – Abrasive paper grinding
  •   – Abrasive grinding paper
  •   – Sandpaper abrasive inox

3. Film abrasive (abrasive cloth)

Microstar surface grinding is used to smooth the surface to be coated. Microstar has a special layer of stearate and a smooth substrate. Used in high quality surface finishing. No dusting and smoothing. Used with a 5 mm base plate. Microstar is only used for dry sanding.

4. Smooth abrasive ABRALON – 8A0 (polishing abrasive)

Fine sandpaper is rough sandpaper: #1000, #1200, #1500, #2000, #2500

ABRALON Abrasive – Mirka

Application field:  

  •   – Automobiles, motorcycles, internal combustion engines
  •   – Building, decoration
  •   – Maritime industry: canoes, ships
  •   – Consumer goods: flower pots, tables, chairs, …

Typical products:

  •   – Metal abrasive paper
  •   – Plastic abrasive paper
  •   – Wood sanding paper
  •   – Stainless steel sandpaper

Abrasive paper has been available in many agencies in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other major cities, but the competitive difference of Mirka’s sanding process is the capability to vacuum, accelerating the process of sanding, with durable quality. Because of these factors, Mirka is definitely the market leader in sandpaper quality and other polishing products and equipment.

Creative Engineering is the distributor of authentic Mirka products in Vietnam, helping businesses achieve maximum efficiency and the ultimate shiny, smooth finish.

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