The first product in the hybrid line of Henkel has received widespread attention, garnering a buzz among manufacturers due to the magic of this adhesive. Let Creative Engineering answer all your questions and concerns in this article!

LOCTITE 4090 -The Hybrid Adhesive of Henkel

LOCTITE 4090 -The Hybrid Adhesive of Henkel

Can LOCTITE 4090 be used to bond wood and paper?

LOCTITE 4090 can be used to bond wood, paper, plastic, aluminum

LOCTITE 4090 can be used to glue glass?

LOCTITE 4090 is not specified for glass adhesion

Can LOCTITE 4090 be used to bond rubber?

LOCTITE 4090 has good bond strength on EPDM and SBR shore 75 Red rubber

Can LOCTITE 4090 be used for outdoor applications?

LOCTITE 4090 can be used for outdoor applications. This adhesive exhibits good aging results at both 40 ° C / 98% RH and 65 ° C / 95% RH and is well UV resistant.

Can LOCTITE 4090 be used at temperatures above 150 ° C?

We do not recommend using LOCTITE 4090 at temperatures above 150 ° C.

What is the preservation conditions of LOCTITE 4090?

LOCTITE 4090 should be kept refrigerated at 2 – 8 ° C.

What is the life cycle of the product?

The product life cycle is 12 months under recommended storage conditions.

How does the temperature affect the fixed time?

LOCTITE 4090 is a 2k product that is activated by blending. This means that the initial fixing time is not too sensitive to the outside temperature as some other products.

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Is LOCTITE 4090 a low bloom product?

Because LOCTITE 4090 is a 2k product, less response to CA may slightly increase hatchability.

Can LOCTITE 4090 be used with the 770 Primer?

Yes, LOCTITE 4090 can be used with the 770 Primer

How should I implement LOCTITE 4090?

LOCTITE 4090 can be used with standard LOCTITE 2-C pistol (LOCTITE 96001). The package is also compatible with the automatic blending of LOCTITE equipment.

How is LOCTITE 4090 used?

   – Insert the LOCTITE 4090 cartridge into the applicator (or LOCTITE XXX handgun or LOCTITE automatic devices)

   – Hold gun with the tip of the cartridge upward for at least a minute

   – Remove the cartridge cover and place a small amount of adhesive on a weight to ensure that both ingredients are flowing and free.

   – Remove the small amount of adhesive and attach the static mixer nozzles to the end of the cartridge that can start glue mixing

   – Clean and use the first 3-8 cm from the end of the mix nozzle, as it may not be well mixed.

   – The product is ready for use.

What is the lifespan of LOCTITE 4090 nozzle?

The lifespan of LOCTITE 4090 nozzle is about 4-5 minutes when it is not in use. If the glue is continuously mixed, no need to change the nozzle.

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