Advertising Supermarket, Events? tesa Is The Best Perfect Companion!

There is no denying about the necessity of Marketing – Advertising – Events to increase branding in the current era. In addition to modern marketing techniques to catch up with the 4.0 era, marketing strategies in supermarkets, outdoor or events are still very much focused. That is why many advertising agencies, events have been increased both by number and profit in recent years.

Understanding market demands, tesa has developed specialised tapes with outstanding uses suitable for the advertising industry. Whether it is a permanent tape or a temporary adhesive tape, whether the material you use is mica, aluminum, wood, glass or plastic, tesa with nearly 7000 adhesive tape products to meet different requirements of customers will not disappoint you!

Model POSM of tesa adhesive tape booth at the largest exhibition in Advertising Industry in VietAD

Find out some outstanding uses in the advertising industry of tesa tape!

1. POSM (Display shelf)

The display of mini product counters to introduce new products or increase brand image is very popular nowadays. Outstanding uses of tesa tape will surprise you with its durability, robustness, ease of use and cost savings compared to traditional glue.

–  Stick Poster / Wobbler: Advertising posters or wobblers hanging around display shelves can be affixed with double-sided tape 4917, tesa 4965 or tesa 7055.

–  Frame Mounting: The outstanding adhesion of tesa 4965 tape is suitable for the most demanding applications such as heavy load, high temperature or difficult surfaces. In this case, the tape attaches wood to wood, drying in 8 hours results in permanent sticking.

–  Mica mounting: Double-sided  foam tape tesa 62932 / tesa 60999 include flexible PE foam backing and improved acrylic adhesive suitable for small gap design and optimal adhesion level. The tape also has excellent anti-UV, water and anti-aging properties.

2. Advertising Signboard

No matter what materials the signages are – wood, aluminum, mica, glass, plastic, they can all be used with tesa 4965

3. Digital Printing

Posters, decal ads that are digitally printed and temporarily attached to aluminum, wood, plastic, mica, …. are very familiar to advertisers. Understanding the need for temporary adhesive tape to bond hard but easily removed, tesa developed 2 lines of tape:

–  Foam tape tesa® 656xx Removable Series can be removed without leaving a sticky mark, thanks to the unique new design of the product.

+  Special PET reinforced film makes foam stick leave no longer a problem.

+  tesa®65605 Removable (Multi-Use) can be used again and again.

– Tesa Bond & Detach® product group relies on a patented technology.

+ The product has an extremely fast and fixed adhesion degree combined with easy removal, leaving no glue marks.

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