Advanced Door Assembly with tesa ACXplus

Instead of traditional door assembly method using liquid adhesive that takes up to 90 minutes of applying and curing, tesa ACXplus takes it to the next level when shortening the application time down to only 15 minutes, using its specialised product tesa ACXplus adhesive.

Application of traditional liquid adhesive vs. tesa adhesive tape

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From the abrasive fleece over protective gloves to the adhesive tape tesa® ACXplus 707x: all required materials are included. This provides the user with a complete, neatly packaged and easy to handle assembly kit, which can be used flexibly, quickly and safely.

The use of the tesa® adhesive tape technology eliminates inconvenient drying times, the process is simple, and at the same time the structure is just as stable as a conventionally built front door. The work process is significantly faster than that of liquid adhesives, and there is no need for subsequent work such as the tedious, time-consuming removal of adhesive residues. Operational efficiency increases.

Creative Engineering is the official distributor of tesa’s in Vietnam and Asia. We distribute all types of tesa tapes, available for different categories of industries.

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