Advance Polymer Coating – Jakarta Seminar

At 04th December 2014 Creative Engineering Indonesia PT has held the first seminar in Indonesia with tittle “Advance Polymer Coating” was held in Sun Lake Hottel- Jakarta. The seminar is supported by Graco Inc, Lockwell & Nukote Industries.This is a first time Graco product launching reactor 2 and Graco AFTD Ecoquip in Indonesia.

Seminar start from 08.30 WIB until 17.30 WIB, with attended more than 80 persons from 40 Company which experienced in Manufacturing and mostly all difference kind of applicator and coating industries from most of the island in Indonesia.

This Seminar to walk success because of the good cooperation from Mr Harryawan (Ascoatindo Secretary), Mr Tad Bass & Ms Marie Yoeng (Lockwell) Mr Antony Lim (Graco AFTD ASIAN) which not only introduction about Lockwell, Nukote Industries and Graco product but sharing also about applications, product benefits and the importance how to selection a good goods for coating industries in Indonesiato avoid damaged easily because Porous and corrosion and etc.

This seminar presenting also demonstration with Graco CED and AFTD product.With demonstrate from Mr Geofrey Chin (CEI) & Mr Burhanuddin Chaidar (Graco CED) for CED Product and Mr Liew Von Yung (CEM) & Mr Arief Rachman (Graco AFTD) for AFTD Product, how they apply and how they work, which make attendant feel interested and easy to understand about the product and how to use the product which not only make easier & simply for Painting and sandblasting system in Indonesia but fast, safety and environmentally friendly also.

This seminal can bring a lot of new ideal and case studiesamong our experienced in Painting, Coating and Sandblasting System.

Advance Polymer Coating - Jakarta Seminar

Advance Polymer Coating - Jakarta Seminar

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