Tesa 60249

Tesa 60249

700µm single sided grey electrically conductive foam tape

tesa® 60249 is a grey single sided electrically conductive self adhesive foam tape. It consist of a perforated foam with electrically conductive coating and an electrically conductive adhesive.

tesa 60249 features:

  • Thickness: 700µm
  • Excellent electrical conductivity in XYZ-direction even at high temperatures and humidity
  • High adhesion level even at harsh environmental conditions
  • Very good shock absorbing and cushioning properties
  • High stability of the foam to avoid flaking of particles

Main Applications

  • EMI shielding and grounding applications
  • Electrostatic discharge applications

Technical Data

Backing material: conductive foam

Color: gray

Total thickness: 700 µm

Type of adhesive: conductive acrylic


Products:Electrically conductive tape
Industrial applications:Electronics Assembly
LCD screen assembly

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Tesa 60249