Technomelt PA 7804

Technomelt PA 7804

Loctite 7804 Hysol Hot Melt Adhesive

Technomelt PA 7804 is a tough, elastomeric, high performance adhesive with excellent impact resistance at low temperatures. It is recommended for demanding applications where substrates may be exposed to temperature extremes. Technomelt PA 7804 bonds to many difficult substrates including: metals, plastics, wood, leather, fabric, nonwoven fabric, and foils.

Typical Properties Typical Value
Softening Point, °F, ASTM E 28-67 280
Viscosity @ 350°F, cP, ASTM D 3236 7000
Open Time, seconds 35
Heat resistance, °F, ASTM D 4498 220
Specific Gravity @ 77°F ASTM D 792 1.01
Tensile Strength, psi, ASTM D 638 340
Elongation, %, ASTM D 638 900
Tg, °F ASTM E 1640 -76
“T” Peel, Aluminum, pli ASTM D 1876 27
Hardness, Shore A 74

Technomelt low pressure molding

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