Technomelt PA 2384

Technomelt PA 2384

Solvent Resistant hot melt adhesive

Technomelt PA 2384 offers chemical resistance for devices that are exposed to various chemicals including solvents, acids, engine fluids, soaps and alkalines, among others. Low-pressure molding speed is exceptionally fast and, like all TECHNOMELT materials, this formulation provides freedom of design, streamlined processing with housing construction and product sealing in a single step, and very little material waste.

Thermoplastic hot melt adhesive based on polyamide chemistry. Exhibits good adhesion to filter papers, excellent heat resistance and excellent resistance against gasoline containing 20% alcohol as well as many other solvents or chemicals

Color: Amber
Product Benefits Solvent Resistant
Performance temperature -20°C to 175°C
Hardness, Shore D 65-75
Softening point 189°C ± 7°C

technomelt amber hot melt

Technomelt low pressure molding


Products:Hot melt adhesive
Industrial applications:Electronics Assembly

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Technomelt PA 2384