Technomelt AS 4226

Technomelt AS 4226

Case molding material for PCBs and electronic components

Technomelt AS 4226 is a UV-stabilized thermal plastic material designed for molding. It is used in applications in which optical transparency is important to the functionality of the device. The low application temperatures make TECHNOMELT® AS 4226 ideal for sensitive electronic components such as sensors. The unique design of the material allows for long-term exposure to UV light with minimal change to clarity or color. This makes the material ideal for applications for in-cabin automotive sensors and industrial components.

Product Features

  • Ultra-clear, optically transparent
  • Watertight encapsulant
  • One-component product / no mixing
  • Fast and easy process
  • Thermally stable from -40°C to 85°C
  • Low moisture uptake
  • Good adhesion to PCBs and components

Technical data

Service Temperature Range, °C -40 to 85
Temperature Creep Resistance, °C 110
Viscosity @ 220°C,  mPa• s 16,750

Physical properties

Softening Point, °C 165
Shore D Hardness 45
Yield Strength, N/mm² 5
Break Strength, N/mm² 10
Elongation, % 250
Glass Transition,  °C -15


Products:Encapsulants and Potting Materials, Hot melt adhesive
Industrial applications:Electronics Assembly

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