Multicore LF318 Solder Paste

Multicore LF318 Solder Paste

No-Clean Solder Paste: Lead-Free

Multicore LF318 solder paste is a halide-free, no clean, pin testable Pb-free solder paste which has excellent humidity resistance and a broad process window both for reflow and printing. LF318 solder paste offers a high tack force to resist component movement during high speed placement, long printer abandon times and excellent solderability over a wide range of reflow profiles in air and nitrogen and across a wide range of surface finishes including Ni/Au, Immersion Sn, Immersion Ag and OSP Copper.


  • Outstanding humidity resistance – gives excellent coalescence even after 72 hours exposure to 27ºC/80% RH, thus reducing process variation due to environmental factors
  • Colourless residues for easy post-reflow inspection
  • Soft non-stick pin testable residues allow easy in-circuit testing
  • Suitable for fine pitch, high speed printing up to 150mm/s
  • Extended open time & tack-life leading to low wastage.
  • Halide free flux classification: ROL0 to ANSI/J-STD-004


Containers: Multicore LF318 solder paste is supplied in:

  • 500g plastic jars with an air seal insert.
  • 1kg, 600g or 500g Semco cartridges

Other packaging types may be available on request; please contact your local technical service helpdesk for assistance.


Products:Paste Solder
Industrial applications:Electronics Assembly

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LF318 Solder Paste Technical Data Sheet (English)