MRS-1000 Modular Rework System

MRS-1000 Modular Rework System

The MRS-1000 Modular Rework System is an integrated convection rework system for the removal and placement of BGA/CSP and SMT components.

The MRS-1000 is comprised of a hand held convection tool, preheater, and adjustable tool holder with board holder to create a manually assisted rework system. A series of nozzles, targeting a variety of applications, and light magnifier round out the product offering for this system.

The 4 components of the MRS-1000 Systems are:
1. HCT-1000 Programmable Hand Held Convection Tool.
2. PCT-1000 Programmable Pre-heater.
3. ATH-1000 Adjustable Tool Holder.
4. LM-1000 Light Magnifier.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Simple removal and replacement of SMT components.
  • Quick, easy and cost effective removal of BGA & CSP.
  • Digital display for repeatable temperature settings.
  • Automatic control of the preheater for simple operation.
  • Easy 5 zone profile creation for operator repeatability.
  • Integrated vacuum pickup for easy component removal.
  • Hand held or tool holder mounted for operator comfort.
  • Manual mode for quick setup.
  • External thermocouple for process setup and verification.
  • Digital controlled airflow for repeatable results.
  • X, Y, Z and Theta controls for component alignment.
  • Adjustable PCB holder for easy change outs.
  • Automaticity lifts the component at the end of the cycle, preventing operators from prematurely lifting components and damaging expensive PCBs.
Part No. Description
MRS-1000A Modular Rework System Advanced
Incl.: HCT-1000, PCT-1000, ATH-1000A and LM-1000
MRS-1000B Modular Rework System Basic
Incl.: HCT-1000, PCT-1000, ATH-1000B and LM-1000


Products:Convection Rework System
Industrial applications:Repair and rework electrical circuit

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MRS-1000 Modular Rework System