Dow Corning® 7920 Die Attach Adhesive

Dow Corning® 7920 Die Attach Adhesive

Dow Corning® 7920 Die Attach Adhesive is a are a one-part, black, heat cure, syringe dispensable, DRAM grade, flowable, high strength adhesive with self priming adhesion; silicone for semiconductor.


  • Low levels of ionic impurities
  • Addition cure chemistry
  • Low modulus
Color Black
Dielectric Constant at 100 Hz = 2.82
Dielectric Constant at 100 kHz = 2.81
Dielectric Strength = 475 volts per mil v/mil
Dielectric Strength (kV/mm) = 19 kV/mm
Dissipation Factor at 100 Hz = 0.0011
Dissipation Factor at 100 kHz < 0.0002
Durometer – Shore A = 72 Shore A
Elongation = 25 %
Heat Cure 30 Minutes @ 150 Deg C
Shear = 1000 psi
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1.2
Tensile Strength = 500 psi
Viscosity = 20000 mPa.s
Volume Resistivity = 2.1e+015 ohm-centimeters

Dow Corning® brand microelectronics adhesives are designed to meet key criteria in the micro- and optoelectronic packaging industry, including high purity, moisture resistance and thermal and electrical stability. The products deliver outstanding stress relief and high-temperature stability, with excellent primerless adhesion to a wide range of substrate materials and components. These products are ideally suited for microelectronic devices requiring lowmodulus materials, for lead-free solder reflow temperatures (260 °C), or other high-reliability applications. Dow Corning microelectronics adhesives are supplied as convenient, one-part materials, with specific formulations developed for electrical conductivity, electrical insulation or thermal conductivity, all of which cure via heat without byproducts.


Products:Encapsulants and Potting Materials
Supplier:Dow Corning (brand)
Industrial applications:Electronics Assembly

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Dow Corning® 7920 Die Attach Adhesive