Metcal HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool

Metcal HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool

The HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool offers a low cost, versatile rework solution for a wide variety of production and rework application challenges:

  • Rework a wide range of simple and complex SMT components.
  • Rework pin in-hole devices such as sockets and connectors.
  • Remove solder shorts and splashes by using it with solder braid and flux.
  • Plastic applications such as applying shrink wrap to components.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Versatile Hot Air Tool for soldering and desoldering applications
  • Robust and compact design
  • Analog controls for both airflow and heat
  • Closed loop feedback circuit controls the temperature
  • Unique low noise air pump (less than 45 db) provides precise airflow control
  • Fully ESD compliant
Part No. Description
HCT-900-11 115V Hand Held Convection Tool
HCT-HE-11 Heating Element, Replacement, 115V
HCT-900-21 230V Hand Held Convection Tool
HCT-HE-21 Heating Element, Replacement, 230V

Máy đối lưu cầm tay có khả năng lập lịch trình HCT-900
A closed loop feedback circuit allows the desired temperature to be achieved and maintained regardless of changes in the volume of airflow.

HCT-900 gỡ, sửa chữa điện tử: các mối chì từ QFP 0201 lên đến 304 chân
The HCT-900 can be used for the removal and refitting of electronic components, including lead-free, from 0201 up to 304 pin QFP.


Products:Handheld Convection Tools
Industrial applications:Repair and rework electrical circuit

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Metcal HCT-900 Hand Held Convection Tool