Frekote 44-NC

Frekote 44-NC

Wipes Mold Release Agent

A non-CFC release agent designed to provide multiple releases with no contaminating transfer. Can be used for the release of thermoplastics, thermosetting resins, boron, aramid, graphite / carbon fiber composites and fiberglass laminates.


  • High thermal stability
  • Better mold utilization
  • No mold build up
  • High productivity
  • Significantly lower mold maintenance costs
  • No contaminating transfer

Frekote® 44-NC™ Wipes are pre-saturated with Frekote 44-NC, a semi permanent, non-migratory release system that chemically bonds to the mold surface to form a microthin film, which is stable at temperatures exceeding most molding processes. Frekote 44-NC should be your first choice release agent for a non-contaminating release coating. Being pre-packaged into wipes makes the use of this technology even easier. Easy pack design allows pre-saturation prior to use, thus extending usable shelf life of the wipe. Frekote 44-NC Wipes can be used for the release of epoxies (thermosets and prepregs), polyester resins, thermoplastics, adhesives, and rotational molded plastics.


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Frekote 44-NC