Metcal APR-1200-SRS Scorpion Rework Systems

Metcal APR-1200-SRS Scorpion Rework Systems

The Scorpion Advanced Package Rework System ensures both accurate component placement and custom tailored reflow profiles in one user friendly, single platform rework system. The Scorpion System redefines precision and addresses the technical demands presented by component manufacturers today.

Hardware Features:

Desktop sized

2800W dual zone preheater with 550W top heater

208-240VAC, 50/60Hz, 15A-13A, Single Phase

Modular design allowing the customer to customize the unit to meet their needs

A 343mm (13.5″) x open-ended PCB holder with micrometer adjustment

Mechanical X and Z axis movement on linear bearings for long-life and minimal maintenance

Component is retracted automatically at the end of reflow when removing parts

Linux-based integral computer

External USB for file transfer

SmartPlace Vision System is a high definition vision system which uses dual

MOS sensors to assist in the placement of components and requires no calibration.

Optional Precision Placement Head (APR-SRS-UK1) for ultra fine pitch components with placement accuracy of .038mm (.0015″)

Optional Contactless IR Sensor for auto start at pre-determined temperatures

SmartPlace Technology Vision System Features:

  • Dual, full color HD camera 25x Digital Zoom
  • 45mm x 45mm (1.77″ x 1.77″) viewing area
  • Selectable camera view

Diffused LED lighting for shadow-free component alignment

Software Features:

  • Auto-Profiling allows operators the ability to create successful reflow profiles the first time
  • On the fly profile management of target set points, adding and subtracting time zones, and profile measurement points
  • Real time graphical display of solder joint temperatures
  • Internal storage of profile data with expansion and transfer via a USB flash drive
  • Graphics-based user interface for simple operation
  • Password protection for operators and engineers

Fume Extraction

For the safety of your operators and working environment, Metcal offers a full line of solder fume extractors.

From volume to tip to bench-top fume extraction, Metcal has systems to purify the air by filtering harmful smoke and particulates from the working area. Fume extraction systems are also useful for extracting potentially noxious fumes from the use of certain adhesives and chemicals on the workbench.


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Industrial applications:Repair and rework electrical circuit

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Metcal APR-1200-SRS Scorpion Rework Systems