06343 Bahama Flower Necklace – Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

06343 Bahama Flower Necklace – Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

  • Vivid tropical flowers burst out of the package
  • Long-lasting authentic island scents
  • Natural hemp twine with wood accent beads for a genuine look and feel
  • Patented odor eliminating technology

Express your personality with tropical charm and sweet scents

Welcome to the islands! Enjoy the sweet floral scents of Bahama & Co.® with the exotic allure of a beautiful lei hanging from your rearview mirror. With this hint of tropical freedom in your car, you’ll never want to look back.

Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

Transport yourself to the ultimate island destination with Waikiki Wild Hibiscus! Here you’ll find a coastal vibe of tropical flowers and fruity nectar. The incredible island blooms intertwined with choice fruits create the sense of an endless fragrance getaway.