06332 Bahama Sandal – Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

06332 Bahama Sandal – Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

  • Sun-splashed scents
  • Genuine woven rattan for authentic look and feel
  • Life-like molded sole with natural hemp twine
  • Patented odor eliminating technology

Express your personality with tropical charm and sweet scents

Constructed of aged rattan, a decorative floral ribbon, and a scented rubber sole, the Bahama & Co. Scented Sandal’s cuteness is only surpassed by its amazing tropical fragrance.

Waikiki Wild Hibiscus

Transport yourself to the ultimate island destination with Waikiki Wild Hibiscus! Here you’ll find a coastal vibe of tropical flowers and fruity nectar. The incredible island blooms intertwined with choice fruits create the sense of an endless fragrance getaway.


Products:Car, interior air freshener
Industrial applications:Consumer

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06332 Bahama Sandal – Waikiki Wild Hibiscus